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Welcome to the Gaia Foundation online plant shop.
Gaia also has one of the most extensive nurseries on the island which specialises in Maltese
indigenous and endemic species.

Maltese Native Plants

This was set up because of the great lack of native plants available
for landscaping. Such plants are not only on the MEPA list of recommended plants, but owing to
their high adaptation to the local climate, they are also extremely hardy and low maintenance, and
require far less water once established than many other plants. This creates a win win situation for
the environment, natural resources and landscaping budgets.

Gaia Foundation 20th Anniversary

For Gaia’s 20th anniversary we are embarking on a new project to help raise more awareness about
Maltese plants and the advantages to landscaping using native species. Despite the trend for
landscapers to rely heavily upon imported plants owing to the economies of scale abroad as
opposed to the high premium for both land and water resources in plant propagation, Gaia has
managed to retain extremely competative prices on the native plants it produces, in an effort to
offer a product to local society that is beneficial as explained above.
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