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About Us

The Gaia Foundation was founded in June, 1994, according to the Laws relating to Foundations, which in Malta has been set out in case law by virtue of recognition of Foundations in a Court of Appeal Decision. It is registered by public deed in the acts of Notary Dr. Hugh Grima, as a non profit and non government organisation. It enjoys income tax exempt status under the Laws of Malta.

The mission of the Foundation is to carry out hands on project implementation in the fields of environment and integrated coastal zone management. An essential part of its work includes the development of models for a sustainable society. These models incorporate a holistic approach to living, reflecting nature and mother earth itself, from which the Foundation derives its name. The ancient Greeks saw the human experience as an integrated whole, where body could not be separated from mind and from the intrinsic spirit of humanity. Likewise today the Gaia principle reflects an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life on earth. The sustainable models developed by the Foundation are therefore based upon the understanding that we cannot separate human health from the health of the planet and its eco systems. We cannot separate ecology from economy, since both are based upon the best use of resources.

The Foundation believes that a healthy democracy is based upon heightened awareness of citizens and active participation in their community. As the principles of governance develop, so does the role of civil society.

The Gaia principle has served to create a loose, informal connection at grass roots level throughout the world between several organisations that incorporate the word Gaia in their work, projects or publications. The Foundation is in touch with a number of these.

The foundation is also a founder member of the National Federation of NGO's in Malta and also a member of: The Global Ecovillage Network, The World Watch Institute, The Ecosites Network

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