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Main Projects

- Apollo
- Athene
- Elysium
- Hermes
- Midas
- Odysseus
- Olympus
- Persephone

Other Projects

- Galatea
- Phoenix
- Poseidon

What is the Gaia Movement?

The Gaia Movement is an informal network of like minded organisations with grass routes that are linked not by any structure but by the fact that they share the principles which are reflected in the word Gaia. The word is ancient Greek for mother earth. It is not a name that is owned by any organisation or associated of organisations. You can say that as Mother Earth it is owned by the Earth itself.

This is quite appropriate since it reflects the underlying principle of the Gaia Movement that we are not owners of the Earth but guardians and proper guardianship is based upon an understanding that all life is interconnected and has intrinsic value as well as value to the earth itself. As such the world is seen as a living planet as described by the British Scientist James Lovelock. A holistic approach is needed if we are to do justice to this principle.

We may not be in touch with many other grass routes Gaia Organisations but as long as we share the same basic principle we are on in spirit.

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