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Hermes - Information and Awareness

Hermes was the celestial messenger in Greek myth, carrying information of note to humanity. He is the symbol of knowledge.

This project focuses on:

:: Information on environmental and coastal management:

Being essentially an environment management organisation managing Natura 2000 sites, we provide data on our hands on experience as well as surveys that we commission and management plans that we develop. We publish reports every 6 months on our management practices, the problems encountered and solutions adopted. For viewing visit our downloads section.

:: Workshops:


The first step to building a better quality of life and a healthy planet for all who inhabit it is to develop a vision. The second is to figure out how to make that vision a reality. For this we have developed a programme of workshops on ecology, organic farming, environmental health, holistic living, and building a better world. We combine debates with hands on work, which allows participants to live the workshop experience. These are organised at our Elysium Visitor Centre at Għajn Tuffieħa. For further information, see our Project Apollo page.

:: Educational DVD's:

Gaia has produced 3 documentaries, as part of a LIFE project in 2002, on biodiversity, coastal conservation and organic farming. These are shown regularly at our centre, and are available to be viewed in schools. You can also download these from our website at a later stage. We also show a number of other interesting features on the environment, marine life and fair trade. In the warmer months we organise organic dinners and film nights, which are great fun and very stimulating.

:: Networking:

Our Foundation is part of a lose affiliation of organisations worldwide that use Gaia, as their name. These share a common vision and a holistic approach to issues that affect our world. We are an associate member of the Ecovillage Network, and a member of the World Watch Institute (WWI). The WWI produces excellent reports that can form a basis for policy development at local, regional and international levels. Gaia is also networking with other NGO's working in similar fields in and beyond the Maltese Islands.

:: Transparency:

As a philanthropic organisation, we adopt a policy of full disclosure of our work, studies and accounts. Surveys, activities and financial reports are available for viewing on our website.

Hermes Links

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- Surveys

- Financial Statements

- Gaiafest

- Environmental Health

- Workshops and activities at our Visitor Centre

- Gaia in the Media

- Awareness Workshops

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