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History of Maltese Gardens

:: 5000 - 4000 BC

The first people to come to Malta were probably Sicilian farmers or shepherds. They cut areas from the wood for farming.

:: 3800BC

Introduction of goats in Malta; 'deforestation agents'.

:: 3600 - 2200 BC

Temples builders arrived. They build their roofs with olive wood, Judas wood and Common ash. Wood used mostly for buildings, fire, tools, arms and furniture.

:: 1930 BC

Bronze age. The Tarxien Temples roofed with Aleppo pines, fire wood used to melt bronze. The Maltese Wood contained Holm oak, Aleppo pines, olive trees and Judas trees.

:: 800 - 2 BC

Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans occupied Malta. All the three were great naval forces with many wood galleys. We know that the Romans had destroyed the Moroccan forest (that is that even the Maltese Wood).

:: To 900 AD

Famous Maltese Pirates. Where there trees good for Galley building?

:: 870 - 1120

Arabs imported Citrus Trees. After they cut out the trees of the island, like the Judas Tree, they left the Citrus Trees in watered valleys.

:: 1530 - 1798

- Saint John Order. About 50,000 Olive Trees where cut for cotton.
- In 1529, a report by the Order was done saying the Malta is an 'island without trees'.
- 1565 The Great Siege. The Turks cut many trees for cooking, demolition of bastions, smoke.
- The Holm oak at Wardija, the Olive trees at Bidnija and the Common ash at Buskett where mature trees at the epoch.
- Building of the Valletta City, palaces, houses: roof supports, doors and windows.
- Grandmaster Lascaris (1636-57) build the Buskett: the first planted Wood.

:: 1798

French at Malta; English up to 1964. Few planting except around Services building and Cemetery.

:: 1957

Afforistation on the Ħotba l-Bajda, Ħotba tal-Marfa and Imġarr.

:: 1961 - 62

Olive Trees at Ħas Saptan.

:: 1969 - 71

Planting at Għajn Tuffieħa (Golden Bay)

:: 1972 +

Re-afforestation at Qammiegħ, l-Aħrax, Miżieb, Mtarfa, Dwejra lines, Madliena, Cottonera, tas-Silġ (Marsaxlokk), Ta' Qali, St. Andrews, Għajn Tuffieħa.

:: Recent

Manikata, Għar Lapsi and Siġġiewi.

From Eagle Planet site.

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