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Key to
Project Names

Main Projects

- Apollo
- Athene
- Elysium
- Hermes
- Midas
- Odysseus
- Olympus
- Persephone

Other Projects

- Galatea
- Phoenix
- Poseidon

Key to Project Names

Gaia is named after productive Mother Earth in Greek mythology.

Project Gaia is the realisation of a green dream. In a world of diminishing resources many think that such a realisation is a myth. Our task is to make that myth a reality.

To keep in the same vein each project has been given a name from Greek mythology that symbolises the project and the vision behind it.

:: Apollo

Visitor centres promoting the Gaia vision

:: Athene

Reestablishing olive growth and agroforestry

:: Elysium

Encouraging biodiversity and ecological restoration of habitats

:: Galatea

Management of Coastal Cultural Heritage

:: Hermes

Information and Awareness

:: Midas

Fair Trade

:: Odysseus

Promoting eco-tourism

:: Olympus

Coastal area conservation

:: Persephone

Promoting sustainable agriculture

:: Phoenix

Encouraging waste reduction

:: Poseidon

Marine conservation

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