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In the Media - Press Releases

27.04.2010 - Removal of excess pebbles at Ramla
Reference is made to the recent media publicity regarding an excess of pebbles found at Ramla Bay in Gozo, and the incovenience it may pose to bathers in the summer. [Read More]

01.10.2008 - Together for a Sustainable Future?
Throughout summer of 2006, the authorities justified the Rationalisation scheme to use more countryside for construction purposes by claiming that this would seal shut the development zones and prevent further building Out of Development Zone (ODZ). Before and after this year’s general elections, the electorate continued to be promised more environmental awareness and respect, with emphasis on protection of the countryside. Six months down the road and this promise is far from materialising. [Read More]

04.10.2007 - Gaia Foundation and Din l-Art Helwa welcome Mepa decisionto revoke Ulysses Lodge Permits.
The two environmental NGO’s that had last July submitted a formal appeal to the Appeal’s Board against the MEPA Board’s decision to grant a full development permit at the Ulysses Lodge site on the outskirts of Ramla Bay, Gozo, have welcomed the Board’s decision to apply article 39A of the Development Planning Act and revoke both that decision as well as the outline development permit issued in 2005. [Read More]

26.05.2007 - Gaia celebrates 10 years of Coastal Management.
This month of June Gaia is launching its 10th anniversary celebrations of the start of its integrated coastal zone management, referred to as Project Gaia. Founded in 1994, the Foundation signed a management agreement with the Environment Protection Department in 1996. [Read More]

15.05.2007 - NGOs call political parties to unite against spring hunting
In a joint statement Gaia, Din l-Art Ħelwa, Nature Trust (Malta), Friends of the Earth (Malta), Ramblers Association and BirdLife Malta today urged the Malta Labour Party to take a clear stand against spring hunting in the Maltese Islands. The Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) stated that the issue was a matter of nature conservation and Malta's international image and not a political one. It is the duty of all political parties in Malta to unite on such environmental issues for our common heritage, the NGOs stated. [Read More]

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