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Project Names

Main Projects

- Apollo
- Athene
- Elysium
- Hermes
- Midas
- Odysseus
- Olympus
- Persephone

Other Projects

- Galatea
- Phoenix
- Poseidon

The Gaia Team

Project Gaia encompasses the combined skills and effort of a vast array of people. At the core of the Gaia Team is the Gaia staff who do the bulk of the work. Their work is supported by contributions from consultants commissioned from time to time to give their input on particular aspects of the project, by work done by students in return for academic credit and by numerous local and foreign volunteers inspired by an opportunity to be proactive towards the environment.

Project Gaia also owes its success to the ongoing cooperation of the various sponsors and stakeholders.

Gaia Team

The GAIA Team: 1st row from left to right - Joe, Carmen, Sandra, Rudolf, and Warren
2nd row from left to right - Joe, Daniela and Nuby

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