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Midas - Fair Trade

Midas was a king of Crete who was granted his wish by Dionysus for all that he touched to be turned to gold. His wish fulfilment turned to a curse as even the food he touched turned to gold. If our economic systems are ruled by greed they can backfire and lead to our own destruction.

:: What is Fair Trade?


Fair Trade, as stated by the Federation of Alternative Trade is giving a fair deal to the producer, ensuring standards relating to labour and environment in the production and lastly, encouraging the purchase of goods from your own country and locality.

:: What do we do?

Workshops: We promote and discuss fair trade issues in our global citizen workshops. Many people are not aware of the socio economic crimes linked to many products that they buy. They may have purchased shoes or clothes made in sweat shops by children, or adults who enjoy no workers' rights and get paid a dollar a day. They may buy coffee, tea, sugar or cocoa from farmers paid 1 or 2 % of the retail price. As consumers we must not contribute to or take advantage of a system that exploits workers and keeps them in poverty.

Info Panels: We provide information on fair trade at our Elysium Visitor Centre at Għajn Tuffieħa through a series of panels.

Worldfest: We take part in the annual festival of fair trade called Worldfest, organised at the Upper Barrakka Gardens by the Koperativa Kummerc Ġust

Midas Shop: We stock a wide selection of certified organic and fair trade goods at our shop at Elysium. We also promote and sell local traditional products like jams, carob syrup, Maltese honey, olive oil and sun dried tomatoes. We are currently supporting an indigenous community in Equador through ethical and direct trade of jewellery and other items produced by artisans. Since no mark up is made on these items, the proceeds of sale go entirely to the artisans.

Gaiafest: Our annual festival of holistic living, which takes place in June at Għajn Tuffieħa, is sure to include stalls with fair trade products.

:: What can you do?

  • Visit Gaia's Elysium Centre, Arka's shop in Merchants Street, Valletta, and Aw Tribu's Shop in Fgura

  • Buy local products

  • Buy organic food

  • Buy goods that are not tested on animals

  • Write to your local MP’s, your MEP’s and the EU Trade Commissioner to support fair trade

  • Avoid buying products from companies that have a bad reputation with sweat shops and cartels

  • View our Midas links section to read more on Fair Trade


Midas Shop

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Midas Links

- Midas shop

- FOE - Trade

- Ethical Superstore

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