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Persephone - Promoting sustainable agriculture

Persephone was the daughter of Demetre. She was abducted by Hades, who sought to enjoy her charms in the underworld. As a result Demetre, who ruled over nature, determined that the earth would remain barren. Nature blossomed again every spring and summer when Persephone was released.

This project focuses on sustainable agriculture, based upon permaculture/biodynamic agriculture farming techniques which do not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides, and work in accordance with principles of biodiversity, as opposed to monoculture.

:: Why go organic?

A growing number of reports and hands on experience by producers and consumers alike are showing that organic farming techniques are producing food that is tastier, more nutritious, non toxic, better for the soil and kinder to nature. A UK scientific report comparing data from 1950 and 2000 has concluded that over the last 50 years non organically grown vegetables have lost 50% of their nutrition.

With non-organically grown food you may be taking the calories, but are you taking the nutrients you need?

The toxic residues in non organic food are being linked to many cancers, degenerative diseases and a weakening of our immune system. In the long run, non-organically grown food comes at a much higher price than the organically grown.

The synthetic herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilisers are destroying our environment. They account for the innumerable deaths of birds, ladybirds, chameleons and so much wildlife that makes up our ecosystems.

:: Beware of other problems!!

Apart from carcinogenic pesticides, your non organic diet might also include:

  • Genetically modified organisms.

    Agro chemical companies have grown on their sales of pesticides and fertilisers. Some of these have become notorious, like DDT and Agent Orange. These same companies are now manufacturing GMO's. Monsanto has produced crops that are resistant to their own herbicide called Roundup, thus allowing them to pollute the environment ever more. Other GMO's are engineered not to produce seeds, thus strengthening the economic reach of these companies at the expense of farmers.

:: Did you know that

Most soya beans that are not produced organically are genetically modified? Mothers who feed their children on non organic soya milk are most likely exposing them to GMO's.

  • Irradiated food. Most of the vegetables and fruit that are imported or transported long distances are now being irradiated in order to kill natural bacteria to delay the degrading process. Machines that are 100's of times more powerful that X-ray machines are used for this purpose. This is destroying the food's nutrients and phytonutrients, and has not been proved to be safe.

:: Did you also know that

Milk and eggs that are not produced on free range farms are less nutritious and potentially harmful?

  • Milk. Cows are stuffed daily with antibiotics as a mere prevention against disease on overcrowded farms. Traces find their way in our own bodies, which build up a resistance against one of our main weapons against harmful bacteria.
    Cows are also filled with growth hormones to produce more milk.
    The over milking of cows often leads to the animals contracting osteoporosis.

  • Eggs. Hens are cooped up by the thousand in chicken coops flooded with artificial light. The chicken feed they are given cannot compare with fresh grass required for healthy herbivores. Subsequently the quality, taste and nutritional content of the eggs is inferior to free range ones.

:: What is Gaia doing to promote the organic movement?

In 2001 we started our organic farm, a small plot of abandoned agricultural land at Għajn Tuffieħa, around half a hectare. We commissioned Malta's first report on organic farming, which forms the basis of our farming practices. Gaia is one of the first certified organic producers on the island.

We are providing incentives to farmers to convert to organic farming. We also assist them in developing the ever essential crop rotation plans and in submitting their applications to the Malta Standards Authority, the local certification agency.

We promote the benefits of organic production and consumption through our festivals, workshops and other events.

We have opened Malta's first organic shop at our centre. Come and visit our Midas Shop at Għajn Tuffieħa. Take a glimpse at what we have available by visiting our Midas page.

We are promoting organic agroforestry through the planting of olives, almonds and pomegranates. Take a look at our project Athene page for more information.


Our farmer Joey, cutting some green pepper

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