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Other Projects

- Galatea
- Phoenix
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Phoenix - Encouraging waste reduction

Phoenix was the fabulous bird, the only one of its kind, that rose from its own ashes, renewing its youth. It is a symbol of immortality. It is a symbol of nature itself, which, seen as a whole, does not die, but perpetually transforms itself. In our times we have grown used to creating products that are unknown to nature and that cannot be transformed organically. As a result we end up with mountains of waste.

Project Phoenix seeks to reduce the waste generated on and around the Foundation's sites, through the phasing out of packaging at beach bars and the reuse of materials like wood and metal for its projects. The Foundation carries out its own composting of organic waste from restaurants and beach bars on site. This is then used in the Elysium Nursery.

seaweed washed ashore and then used as a compost

The foundation also gathers the posidonia seaweed that is washed ashore at Għajn Tuffieħa Bay in order to use this as compost for its sustainable agriculture project.

:: Clean up the World 2001 - 2006

Gaia staff and volunteers have been taking part in the Clean Up the World campaign since September, 2001. This campaign covers two sites, one below the Riviera Martinique car park and the other along the sand dunes at Ramla Bay. Both sites had been the victim of heavy littering by the public.

Every year we make a call to our members and the general public to participate in our cleanups. We would love to see you there. Keep an eye on our activities notice on our homepage for information on our next cleanup.

:: Other cleanups thruoghout the year.

Many of our volunteer groups, like scouts, girl guides and school groups, often participate in cleanups of the protected sites. Public areas like car parks and beaches are furnished with bins, which are regularly maintained by the public cleansing units. However many visitors to these sites often discard their waste along nature trails, in the trees and in the sand dunes, thus making it difficult to keep such places clean. If you are ever walking in the country, be sure to place all your rubbish in your bag until you reach the next bin. Tell others to do likewise.

Legislation pertaining to waste management

- Legal Notice 000 of Sept 2001: Waste Management Strategy

- Legal Notice 000 of 2001: Waste Management (Permit & Control) Regulations
Draft for Consultation

- Legal Notice 128 of 1997: Deposit of Waste and Rubble (Fees) Regulations.


Clean Up the World 2006.

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- WasteServ Malta Ltd

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